First, I love prospect development. You all probably love it too or you wouldn’t be reading a fledgling blog on the CPRA website. There are a lot of reasons I love working in this field, but a biggie is how collaborative it is. There are two really cool things going on right now that showcase how great it is to be a sharing prospect development professional.

Did you know that March is Prospect Development Pride Month? I read this on Helen Brown’s awesome blog. Her post for March 1 is great because, for one, she references a blog she wrote two years ago called “Coming Out” about having #ResearchPride. This was the first Helen Brown blog I ever read and I’ve been following her faithfully ever since. The second cool part is a great resource of blogs she lists at the end of her post. So much amazing prospect development knowledge is being shared around us everyday! So check out Helen’s blog and the great list of others you can visit too: https://www.helenbrowngroup.com/proud-voices-in-harmony/

And as if all of this great informal, grassroots sharing and education weren’t enough, we’ve just come off the heels of the APRA Chapters Share the Knowledge weeks in February 8-19. Did you miss it? Don’t worry!?? The webinars, articles, and PowerPoint slides are all still up for you to check out: http://www.aprahome.org/p/cm/ld/fid=455

The Wyoming team booked a big conference room with plush chairs (emblazoned with our hallmark bucking rider, Steamboat, no less) and all sat down together to watch CPRA’s own Eric Patterson share “Regional Hot Spot Identification: Benefits and Techniques”. If you didn’t catch this, you should immediately follow the link above and download it so you can scope it out. Seriously, don’t even bother finishing this blog post! Eric is awesome at sharing prospect development knowledge in a way that will make you laugh, but will also make you think. No matter where you are in your operation with travel planning for your fundraisers and data analytics, there are some nuggets in here for you. I have to admit that occasionally our team got so excited about some great ideas we can plug into our own travel planning and geographic hot spot identification that we were talking over the presentation and will probably need to watch it again later.

So let’s all take advantage of Prospect Development Pride Month to feed our minds a little bit. Let’s be proud of our work and the amazing things we help our organizations achieve. Then let’s spark our prospect development creativity with the ideas of our collaborative colleagues all across the globe. Lastly, let’s all read Mark Egge’s blog about the best questions to ask colleagues at conferences and make it happen. If I show up at the CPRA spring conference and no one asks me, “What dinosaur is most suited to doing your job and why?” – well frankly, I will just be plain disappointed. I’ll only forgive you if you all took my instructions above and listened to Eric’s webinar at the expense of finishing this post. Mark Egge’s blog: https://managingprospectresearch.wordpress.com/

To some good reading. Cheers.

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