CPRA Mission: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I am so excited to present the second feature in our “CPRA Missions” series, where we show what pride in our profession really means by highlighting the amazing causes our colleagues are dedicated to supporting.

How can you not love the Denver Museum of Nature and Science?! Anywhere you can watch real paleontologists in action is high up on my list! So please enjoy the following post by the Denver Museum’s Prospect Researcher, Garan Weilnau, and learn a little bit more about the Museum’s magic.
The mission of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is to “Be a catalyst! IgnMummyite our community’s passion for nature and science.” While missions are often lost with buzz words and jargon, DMNS really does try to live out the mission on a daily basis through its love of science and the overall, unending curiosity of everyone at the Museum, from the employees to the visitors.

DMNS is a pretty exceptional place. According to the report our Finance Department presented in April 2016, 35% of those served at the Museum are served for free with another 34% who pay a discounted rate. The Museum works hard to make sure that everyone is welcome, as well as creating an atmosphere that is exciting for the visitors who are visiting for the first time or for someone who comes regularly.

Working in prospect research, success is measured differently than the traditional methods surrounding fundraising; it’s not just as simple as total amount raised or increasing revenue year over year. In prospect research, my impact is measured in the way that development T-Rex Toothstaff now make profile requests before meeting with individuals; success is measured in the positive feedback I get when a Look Book I made was a “tremendous help”; and success is measured in hearing that names I found through analytics processes are now being cultivated for a new planned gift or larger gift to DMNS.

I have been working at the Museum now for over two years and the look of excitement whenever I tell people I work here still floors me. Nobody seems to care what I do at the Museum–they just hear that I work at DMNS and are instantly recalling memories of attending the Museum as a child, on a field trip, or just because. I also love that I come home now and tell stories about how I saw the mummies up close before they were transported to Children’s for a CAT scan, or how I went through the big bones room and held a T-Rex tooth, or even knowing where the new gnome is hidden.
If you are interested in learning more about the Denver Museum of Nature and ScGnomeience, you can check out their website here: http://dmns.org/

Also, any members who are excited to brag up their organization in an upcoming “CPRA Missions” post, please contact Colleen Reese at creese11@uwyo.edu or 307-766-3921. (Or feel free to contact me if you find the gnomes on your next visit to the Museum–because you better believe I’m going to be looking for them!)

All photos courtesy of Garan Weilnau

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