CPRA Fall Conference 2015

Friday, Oct 9th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Presenter:Susan Hayes-McQueen1
Susan Hayes-McQueen

Senior Director, Prospect Management, Research, and Analytics, University of Washington


Morning Session 1

Campaigns. The biggest commitments. The struggle. The reward.

Using Analytics to Drive Strategic Fundraising

Campaigns are usually large and complicated endeavors. They include marketing, events, annual fund – and each has different goals. Prospect Development can help with the biggest of goals – helping our donors make the largest philanthropic gifts that will make a difference for years to come.

How do we as Prospect Development Professionals help keep the focus on the top prospective donors? How do we help reach the largest campaign gifts, instead of continuing the cycle of the ‘usual’ major gifts? What does it take to break out of the everyday mold?

Enjoy a session looking at the psychological reasons why big gifts are hard to get to and techniques to make it the focus of your major gifts team. Be prepared to share your best practices in helping your fundraisers keep their focus on major gifts.

Morning Session 2

Metrics for fundraiser success

We all hear about metrics and measuring everything in fundraising. But what metrics really matter? Why do we have metrics at all?

Learn about why metrics can be useful for your fundraising team (and for your own work). Gather information on the most common types of metrics for peer organizations, and start examining what might be helpful for YOUR team. Hear about what makes metrics successful and positive, rather than contentious and burdensome.

We will spend some time brainstorming in smaller groups about metrics that we each could incorporate smoothly and effectively at our own organizations.

Lunch will be provided, followed by an afternoon panel session of prospect development leaders discussing questions posed by CPRA members.

Networking opportunities to follow.
Free admission to the museum is included as part of registration.