CPRA Fall Symposium 2014 – Lisa Howley

Friday, November 7, 2014, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (lunch included)
University of Colorado Business School

Presenter: Lisa Howley, Director of Relationship Management, Johns Hopkins Institutions

Looking to catapult your relationship management system to the next level?

Come learn about more about new trends, best practices, and tried and true methodologies for prospect, portfolio, and pipeline management. Using case studies, you will learn how to incorporate and apply this information to your own organization and practices.

Change often begins in the Research Office.

We identify new suspects to qualify, prospects to cultivate and strategies to build relationships. This session aims to pave paths towards successful change, and will begin with a review of change management key concepts. You will learn how to apply tangible strategies to build internal relationships and develop advocates across your institution for new projects and initiatives. Application for these concepts will be demonstrated via case studies of establishing new systems and processes.

Lisa Howley is Director of Relationship Management at the Johns Hopkins Institutions, where she is responsible for leading relationship management, analysis and reporting efforts. Previously, she was Director of Prospect Management and Research at Wheaton College; Director of Philanthropy Research at Women & Infants’ Hospital of Rhode Island; and Assistant Director of Development Research at the Johns Hopkins Institutions.

Lisa is Chair of the Editorial Advisory Committee for APRA’s international publication, Connections and is Chair of APRA’s Body of Knowledge. Lisa is a past Director of APRA (2005-10), and served as Secretary (2010), Chair of the Education Task Force (2009), Vice President of Education & Professional Development Committee (2008) and Editor of Connections (2005-07). She is a past Director and Secretary for the New England Development Research Association (NEDRA), and was a Co-Chair of the 2007 NEDRA conference. She Chaired the APRA’s Mid-Atlantic Researchers Conference (MARC) in 2012 and 2005, served as a Faculty Member for the APRA Campaign Symposium (2013) and the CASE Conference for Development Research (2005), and has been a member of the APRA International Education Curriculum Committee in 2013, 2008 and 2005. Lisa has presented for APRA, CASE and AFP.


University of Colorado Business School, Room 4500
1475 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO