Spring Symposium 2014 – David Lamb

Presenter: David Lamb, Senior Solutions Consultant, Blackbaud
“Using Analytics to Drive Strategic Fundraising”
David Lamb

Every fundraising operation has access to a dataset that would make most sociologists drool: its donor database.

These databases — which record names, addresses, gift histories, relationships, and more — provide a detailed record of human behavior that can be used to predict who is most likely to give in the future, who is more likely to increase giving, and who is more likely to fall away. If you could accurately make such predictions, you would be able to intelligently allocate resources to prospects and activities to yield improved fundraising results. This session will discuss the basic concepts of analytics that can help to identify new top prospects who lie hidden in every nonprofit database.

A provided lunch will follow a brownbag format to encourage freewheeling discussion among CPRA members. The topics for conversation are up to you! Please send your ideas to Gillian Kennedy at kennedyg@ohiodominican.edu.

The CPRA 2014 Spring Symposium will be held at Regis University

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