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An intro to map making with Google tools part 2

The Google Nonprofits blog has posted part 2 of how to make maps using Google’s map tools. “New to map-making with Google tools? Last week we focused on how you could get started by creating a map of your organization’s … Continue reading

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Search Globe

Google has posted a visualization of one day’s worth of searches from around the world. “The Search Globe visualizes searches from one day, and shows the language of the majority of queries in an area in different colors. You’ll see … Continue reading

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Google refresher

Julie McCormick at Lifehack has posted a guide to Google.  Check it out.  You learn something new everyday; I didn’t know that word order mattered to Google.

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Help fill in the gaps

Do you rely on Google Maps?  Now’s your chance to help fill in the gaps via Google Map Maker.  Let’s help those gift officers find their way.

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Need help making videos?

Google wants to help non-profits find partners via the YouTube “Good Work” program who will assist with making videos.

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Google for nonprofits

Google wants to help nonprofits with their new Google for nonprofits program.  Eligible nonprofits can gain access to a suite of Google products such as: Google Grants YouTube for Nonprofits Google Earth Outreach Grants Google Apps for Nonprofits Google also … Continue reading

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Google tweaks

Sometimes Google just doesn’t want to serve up relevant results.  What’s a frustrated researcher to do?  Consider these tips. 1.  Don’t Use Words You Don’t Need 2.  Use the AROUND() Operator 3.  Eliminate Terms You Don’t Want and Force Terms … Continue reading

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Was your favorite search engine voted off the island?

Recently I added a post about busting out of the Google rut. I discovered today that some of the big sites are rather picky about who they let index their content. Facebook refuses to add DuckDuckGo to its list of … Continue reading

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